H-Class High-Performance Industrial Printers are built for high-volume and high-resolution labeling applications in manufacturing, warehouse and transportation environments. High-quality features, performance and rugged reliability make the H-Class an excellent value among premium class printers on the market. Consider total cost of ownership.
The H-Class reduces it with a gear-driven, beltless design that delivers confidence-building performance for your 24/7 mission-critical operations. Modular construction also increases uptime for the highest levels of user productivity. And with its large graphical display, the H-Class provides an easy-to-read view for quick navigation and printer notifications.
Specifications at a glance:
Printhead: Direct thermal and thermal transfer
Printer length range: 6 mm to 2,539.75 mm (0.25 in to 99.99 in); values vary with printer configuration
Maximum print width: 216.4 mm (8.52 in)
Print speed: H-4212: 304 mms (12 ips) , H-4212x: 304 mms (12 ips) , H-4310: 254 mms (10 ips) , H-4310x: 254 mms (10 ips) , H-4408: 203 mms (8 ips) , H-4606: 152 mms (6 ips) , H-4606x: 152 mms (6 ips)
Print speed (continued): H-6210: 254 mms (10 ips) , H-6308: 203 mms (8 ips) , H-6212X: 304 mms (12 ips) , H-6310x: 254 mms (10 ips) , H-8308x: 203 mms (8ips)
Communication ports: Serial, parallel, USB, Ethernet wired LAN
Optional wireless 802.11b/g and more