Fleet Management Solutions, Ports and Intermodal, Postal/Courier/Express/Parcel
Fleet Management Solutions
Drive Efficiency and Service to Accelerate Revenue 
The operations department is the heart of any transportation fleet. It’s the key to keeping the fleet on the road and working at optimal efficiency. Rolling means revenue – anything less and you’re burning profits. SmartScan is the key for integrated workflow solutions equip you with the right tools to get your drivers on the road to productivity faster. 
Competition is brutal. You’ve got to deliver more accurately and faster than ever – and do it with less to make a profit – or lose customers to the competition. From the first km to the last, we can help with workflow solution expertise specifically for your industry. SmartScan cost-saving postal, courier, express and parcel workflow solutions equip you to increase service quality, productivity and asset utilization. That'll give a nice boost to your bottom line while helping you build a happy, loyal customer base.
Accurate data collection. It’s critical for traceability, productivity gains and customer satisfaction. Is your team equipped and connected to do their best? 
Deliver a Superior Customer Experience to Grow Revenue
Eliminate Costly Errors with Data Accuracy
Achieve Operational and Equipment Efficiency