Captuvo SL22

For retailers looking to improve the customer experience, the Honeywell Captuvo™ SL22 series enterprise sled for the Apple iPod touch® mobile digital device empowers sales associates by providing them with the tools needed to engage more closely with customers and increase sales floor conversions.

The sleek, compact, and stylish Captuvo SL22 sled transforms the popular and familiar Apple iPod touch into an enterprise-ready device that provides sales associates with instant access to product information and enables customer checkout anywhere in the store.

From a leader in barcode scanning technology, the Captuvo SL22 sled features an integrated scanner paired with Adaptus™ Imaging Technology 6.0. Delivering fast and accurate reading of linear, 2D and even poorquality barcodes, the Captuvo SL22 sled enables various applications, including price and product look-up, markdowns, inventory management, and scanning items for purchase at the point of decision. Additionally, an encryption-ready three-track magnetic stripe reader can be integrated, facilitating quick and easy processing of credit card transactions.